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Need Stronger Nails?

How To Get Stronger Beautiful Nails Fast


How to get stronger beautiful nails fast. For some women it is mostly underrated, yet they play an important role in elevating a woman’s personality, beauty and style.  Most women choose to pamper their nails as a way of igniting self-love. But have you ever realized that our nails tell a lot about our health? The appearance and strength of nails can indicate a person’s general health. Sometimes your nails may not be as healthy and strong as you would like because of various factors, like individual lifestyle and environmental factors. This implies that a slight change in habits and lifestyle would help if you wanted to get or maintain healthy and strong nails. Almost every woman desires beautiful nails but achieving them is easier said than done because it requires commitment and devotion. There are plenty of ways to get beautiful nails, but not all these ways can be healthy. If you seek to have beautiful nails, you can use these best ten ways a woman can get beautiful nails. 

1.Eat Healthy Food(s)

Eating a diet with the proper nutrition is a perfect tip to enhance the growth of your nails and to make them stronger. Of course, whatever you eat will impact the body in different ways to grow and support the development of tissues and organs. For example, your skin and nails depend on the body’s nutrients to look healthier.  When possible, eat organic foods that are nutrient dense and can provide a higher percentage of nutrition as compared to the conventional version.

Consuming a healthy diet or food with good nutrition includes a well-balanced diet with plenty of minerals and vitamins that support your nails’ strong and healthy growth. Does the food you are eating have enough minerals and vitamins? If you think your diet lacks enough minerals and vitamins, you can opt for multi-vitamin supplement sources.

However, it is good you speak with your doctor before taking these supplements. Checking your doctor first will help to ensure the multi-vitamin supplement you are about to take won’t interfere with the current medication you are on. Indeed, if you are on a particular medication, they may affect your nail health, but not all medicines. Therefore, it is recommendable that you check with your doctor to get guidelines before you start any supplement.

2.Ensure That You Moisturize Your Nails and Hands

Whether in an office, ensure your desk drawer has a water bottle. While traveling, you can equip your backpack or handbag with bottled water. Keep your hands and nails moisturized regularly. Alongside the bottled water, ensure you have some moisturizing lotions or hand creams that can keep your nails hydrated. Once you hand wash, apply a little hand cream to help restore moisture in your nails. 

3.Drink Plenty Of Water

The largest part of our bodies is comprised of water; to maintain this, we are always advised to take plenty of water. For beautiful nails, plenty of water is also necessary. The body’s hydration levels can affect the kind of nails you have. Without enough hydration, the nails will become fragile, brittle and can peel off more easily. The best way to stay hydrated is to drink enough water.  In addition, be aware of your caffeine intake when possible since it is a mild diuretic.

4.Be Careful Of The Cosmetic Products You Use 

While cosmetic products are meant to make your nails beautiful, some have harsh chemicals that can affect them instead.  There may be substances in your product that can weaken the nails, making them break easily. Avoid using a nail polish remover with acetone and find a non-toxic one. 

5.Do Not Use Your Nails As Tools

Nails are fragile and are likely to break easily if used as tools. Do not use them in tasks like prying things open or opening cans. But instead, use an actual tool or just the fingertips. Using them as tools will damage them. 

6.Get Manicure Treatments

For healthy and beautiful nails, get the nails done by a professional. Nail therapists often put a strengthening base to prevent them from weakening and peeling. Avoid regular manicures as they can remove the rough edges and also make the cuticles dry. So, while manicures are vital, don’t overdo it and check the look and feel of your nails often. 

7.Avoid Using Too Much Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers help in keeping hands clean in between hand washes. However, this cleaning agent is not suitable for regular hand use as it can cause damage to your nails. Hand sanitizer has alcohol, and therefore, it is advisable to avoid using it too often since alcohol is a drying agent. So it will dry out the hands leading to nail breakage. 

8.Don’t Tamper With Your Cuticles

The cuticle is the skin between the finger skin and the nails. This part plays a critical role in giving your nails the prevention they deserve. The cuticle seals the base of the nail preventing bacteria from getting beneath the skin to cause infections. Because of this, it is advisable to leave the cuticles alone and never remove or cut them. Instead, protect them by moisturizing them with cuticle oil. 

The cuticle forms a natural barrier to bacteria and fungus, and if it is breached, protection can be lost. This makes the cuticles look ragged, swollen, and red. Moreover, it will harm and infect the nails and lead to permanent nail damage. 

9.Take Dietary Supplements

Healthy and beautiful nails only come from healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. If your body is deficient in certain minerals, even the nails won’t be healthy. Researchers have found that supplements with biotin can increase the nail’s thickness and prevent breaking and splitting. This should be done regularly for better results. Moreover, it is advisable to take a prescription-strength therapeutic level of 2.5 milligrams to feel the effect. Other nail products may have MSM and silicon associated with nail health.

10.Reduce Your Nail’s Exposure To Water

Water is good for the body’s general health, including keeping the nails clean. However, too much exposure to water is detrimental to nails, as it can damage them. Too much soaking of nails in water discourages healthy nails. While this can be a contradiction, ensure you reduce too much exposure to water. 

Water makes the nails brittle and weak. It is almost impossible to keep nails out of water because of the many activities and chores that involves touching water, like washing utensils, bathing, etc. If you are in constant contact with water, you can reduce it by using rubber gloves every time you do your washing. 


We all fancy beautiful and healthy nails but keeping them is challenging. It might appear challenging to take care of nails, but you can make a great difference if you adopt a few healthy tips. There are many ways to make your nails beautiful, including taking plenty of water, getting enough vitamins, and getting professional nail treatments. 

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